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  • The abstract should contain 500 words, including title and author information. 
  • The abstract should be written in English language, whereas for the title should be used Times New Roman, bold, 12 pt font and for the text in the abstract 10 pt font.
  • Figures, tables and other illustrations should not be included in abstracts.

Methodological structure of the abstract

  • Title should be in line with the content contribution and the maximum length of up to 120 characters. Title should precisely define the content of the contribution and may be supplemented by the subtitle. The subtitle should be separated from the title with the separator (colon).
  • Following the abstract, specify 3 to 6 key words that precisely define the content contribution and do not appear in the title. Key words should be simple expressions (words, phrases), written in the normative singular.

Introduction with Hypothesis

  • Main problem, the purpose of research and the hypothesis should be cleary alleged. Research hypothesis must be clearly defined.


  • Main characteristics of the sample and the manner of the research should be stated. Data collection procedures and measurement must be precisely described, with the time and place of collecting the data. Also, the survey instrument with the sample or a population of the reasearch must be stated.


  • Main results of the study should be described.  While providing the results there should be given the level of statistical significance.

Discussion and Conclusion

  • The discussion should follow the results and their clinical relevance should be compared with the results of other studies. Any views, opinions, arguments should be supported by facts. Indicate only the conclusions that derive from data obtained in the survey. Also indicate the usefulness of the findings. There should be  equally presented both positive and negative findings.
  • In a short conclusion should be summarised the most important findings or solutions to the problem described in introduction.


  • All references should be cited in the text with numbers in square brackets (1). The references should be listed consecutively, in the order in which they are cited in the text.  There must be no more than 3 references listed.

Examples for citating the references:

  1. Nightingale F. Notes on nursing. Philadelphia: JB Lippincott; 1946.
  2. Snow T. Is nursing research catching up with other disciplines? Nurs Stand. 2008;22(19):12–3.
  3. Chen WT, Starks H, Shiu CS, Fredriksen-Goldsen K, Simoni J, Zhang F, et al. Chinese HIV-positive patients and their healthcare providers: contrasting Confucian versus Western notions of secrecy and support. ANS Adv Nurs Sci. 2007;30(4):329-42.


  • Poster including pictures of persons should have a note of the person´s acceptance for presentation.
  • Poster applicants should not use unethical pictures (i.e. persons in undressed situations).

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