Abstract Topics


​1​​Adverse Incidents Surrounding Obstetric Anesthesia
​2​Bariatric Anesthesia
​3​Cardiac Output Monitoring
​4​Challenges in Paediatric Anesthesia
​5​Difficult Airway Issues Adult and/or Pediatric
​6​Enhanced Teaching Methods
​7​Exposure to Anesthetic Gases
​8​Fluid Therapy
​9​Leadership in Anesthesia 
​10​Management of Pain
​11​Management of Trauma, Burns and Shock Patients
​12​Neuro Anesthesia
​13​Recent Research in Anesthesia
​14​Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia
​15​The Effects of the Current Economic Situation on the Workforce
​16​The Efficacy of 3D Ultrasound Guided Blocks
17​Ultrasound in the Placing of Lines (various)

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